Haiku: heat

Your whispers were sweet

 Basking on Sun baked rocks

You discovered me

Haiku on the best advice I’ve ever received – Promote Yourself

I’m so honored to say that four of my haikus were just promoted through this blog! I submitted several hoping one might be chosen so it was a pleasant surprise when all were posted 🙂


Love easily

Manifest life’s bliss 

Become only you

Haiku: After the storm
By, Coraline Boudoux

Caked mud

Broken porcelain

Mildew, rock

This house, my precious home

Things I left behind or lost:

My shaken, torn up, heart

Haiku: Moon/Sun
By, Coraline Boudoux

Silver light of night

Filling me with your velvet dreams

Silent tranquility

Oh, glorious!

Bright joy awakes

I am life

Haiku on death
By, Coraline Boudoux

When I pass away

Surround my body with sunflowers

Wrap me in laughter

Thank you for your consideration, it looks like you guys usually promote longer poems but my specialty/preference is to work in haikus. I appreciate any and all criticism and support!


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Pretty Awesome

Parenting: you’re doing it right! So awesome! Every kid deserves to feel “awesome” no matter what they wear!

The Life of Kylie

Do I look pretty?

“Yes, you look pretty. So, so pretty.”

Here I am with another 3-year old going through that “Pink Phase.” This time around, however, I’ve given in to the pink. I’ve surrendered.

I’m encouraging it, even.

The first time around, I bought my daughter blue, green, and purple clothes–even black. I urged the wearing of pants, the breaking of stereotypes, and the development of a self-image independent of “pretty.”

She had other ideas.

She insisted on wearing long dresses, and after too many morning battles that made me late to work, I gave in and bought a bunch of secondhand holiday dresses with ruffles and bows, fit for a princess. Yet despite believing she was the most adorable creature ever, I shied away from calling her pretty and beautiful. I focused more on what she did and said than on how she looked. I wanted to protect her, while I could…

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